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Ninja Turtle/Minecraft Shared Bedroom

Because of their personalities, we ended up have two boys with a large age gap sharing the same room. 

So when I decided to paint their room, they had two different ideas and colors. 

Below I will show you have I merged these two ideas and even blended the paint colors based on where their beds were!




Custom Hand Painted Ninja Turtle


How to Draw and Paint the Ninja Turtle

 So we started with the turtle, which was my 4 year old's choice for "his side".  I had the green paint leftover from another project so it cost me nothing to do his part.
I googled the turtle face and then drew it on the wall.

I bought a quart of the mask blue and then used regular craft paints for the eyes and mouth. 

Ninja Turtle Face DIY Paint

I used regular craft paint for the eyes, outline and then wall paint for the mask.


After I painted his mask, my son decided he wanted a smile because "he looked sad".  lol  So I drew that on with chalk and just painted over the green.

Ta Da!


Paint that I used for the eye whites, outline and pink tongue.


  Draw your design on with chalk instead of pencil because it disappears or wipes  right off when you are done.   Pencil lines are much harder to remove, especially on fresh paint.



Ombre Paint Job


My sons beds are set up head to head, with the headboard giving the bigger one privacy from the smaller one.  So this gave me the largest wall in the room to split between the two. 


The older son wanted his side to be blue.  So I blended (ombre, gradient)  the two colors together...actually it ended up being three because I decided to use the darker blue as well.

I have blended wall paints before.  Its not very hard but does take some time..or at least more time than just rolling on one color does.


How to Blend Two (or more)

Paint Colors on One Wall

1262016 046.JPG

 I had the green part already painted from the turtle (above).


Paint your next section (color) , butting up to the first color (green). 

If you would have needed two coasts of your paint color anyway, you'll need to do that for this too.  Allow the first coat to dry. 

After the second coat, while the paints are still wet in the center, I use a large fence brush to blend the colors.  I use a tray with water, for the brush, to help blend the two shades.  Then you just go by eye, until you like your finished result.

Keep one color on each side of your large brushing, dragging the paint up and down the wall to blend.

For these paint color details please see this page.


If you live in or around Hendricks County, Indiana

and would like a quote on me doing this for you, check out this page. 


The other side is just a solid blue.


Thanks for checking out our room!

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