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Abstract Paint


I've changed the colors of this room a couple times over the years.

This latest color is the BEST paint color ever.
It changes during the day between GREEN and NAVY Blue!
I love it so much.

If you'd like the name of this final, perfect color that I picked,

check this page out to request the name.

Green is my favorite color...

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This was a very inexpensive way to create an accent wall around the fireplace.

Once my husband put that tv up, I needed a way to "warm" the way that the wall looked, around the tv. 

The wood is regular fence planks from the home improvement store!

I tried to select pieces that had different shades and patterns and we used large screwheads to give them a more rustic look.

I did have to come back about two years later and seal the wood, because it got lighter as it dried out.  But that was a really easy project and really helped the wood colors pop. 

For information on the paint colors, visit this page.

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