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A Girly Room
for a girl with a lot of brothers

Goal- To Create a very feminine room for a preschooler who has a lot of brothers.

She was involved in selecting the decor for the room and was thrilled with the finished piece. 


The entire theme for this room began with this photo.


From there we decided on a coral, gold and white color theme.

The four colors that we ended up using were:

Bright White
Darker Coral
Lighter Coral

For exact color information, brands and sheens, click here.


I found this polka dot tape and decided to try to use it on the walls. 


It did pull off a bit at first but after I pushed it down really well, it hasn't had any problems since.


The tape is clear, with the gold dots so it gives a little bit of a glimmer from different angles.  

This is made by Duct Tape and is called Washi Tape.



Curtain Wall

This bedroom faces east and the sun rises early!  It also gets very hot from the sun.  So I decided to do an entire wall of curtains. 


I bought two long, white double curtain rods.  Then I hung four Eclipse curtains and four sheer curtains.   


So far, this wall of curtains, really keeps out the light and heat!  It also looks very feminine and adds that princess touch that she was looking for.


Even in the day, the curtains help to keep all of the sunlight out.  (naptime)

Chandelier Fan

(fandelier, ha!)


Because this room tends to be hotter, I wanted to keep a ceiling fan but needed to find a way to glam it up.

There are some chandelier fans online but they were all really expensive. 


I stared at the lighting fixtures at Menards for a long time, trying to figure out how to make something ourselves. 


They sold this flush mount (smaller) chandelier for around $70. 


You can also buy a plain ceiling fan that you can add a light kit too, if you'd like. 


So I asked my husband if he could put the two together and he was able to!


I ended up painting the ceiling blades in the lighter coral color too, to add a pop of color to all of the white on the ceiling.


The end result is soooo pretty.  The beads do not make any noise with the fan but it does hang a little low...our ceilings are 9ft and this is probably 6ft off the ground, which my husband would hit if he walked under it.  But the child in the room is only 3 ft, so its okay, and she loves it!


Finishing Touches


This photo is from inside the closet, looking out. 


Her grandmother sent her these princess beads so we hung them inside of the closet door.  I added a curtain hook, inside of the closet, too so that we can pull the beads over to the side when they aren't needed.  

I also added a shorter rod inside of the closet so that she could reach her own dresses.  



Her favorite part is that the curtains close on the canopy bed.  I got this canopy bed on, after looking for weeks for a vintage option.  (sigh)  The polka dot curtains are the same ones that are on the windows.  So I ended up needing 8 curtain panels but they are only $9 a piece.  So I think the price was worth the end glam result.   I  did have to sew the pocket for the rod a little bit wider so that it would slide easily over canopy bar.  I just folded it over about 4 inches and added another seam.  

I also did an entry way bench at the end of the bed for her (or the parents) to sit on while getting dressed and for future storage.

Thanks for checking out this Coral Princess Room!
Let me know if you have any questions about anything.


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