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One Son, Two Different Basketball Themes

Basketball Net

Miami Heat, Lebron James Bedroom

So, the first time I made my little basketball star a bedroom, he wanted the theme to be "Miami Heat" because he loved Lebron James.  (Lebron later changed teams)    For this bedroom we just did black on the bottom, a red stripe and then bright white on the top.  This bedroom pin was/is really popular on Pinterest, with over a thousand repins.

The black worked really well with this color theme and was not dark at all!

If you'd like the paint color names, click here. 


Maryland Terrapins Bedroom

Once we finished our basement, this son moved downstairs to a new bedroom.  He was offered any theme and toyed with a few ideas but in the end, he wanted another basketball room.  He plays basketball for a league and outside on our hoop all the time.

He had one of those little door basketball hoops in his Miami Heat room and played on it all the time.  

So I decided to try to make him a tiny basketball court in his new room. ;)

The new bedroom was in the basement, which we built completely from the concrete up to the ceilings so I was able to play around with the floor/indoor court idea.

This time he chose for the theme to be the Maryland Terrapins.  

So I was stuck with the same red and black colors again!  :) 

The Terps colors are Red, Gold and Black.


We literally built this room from the ground up.  Husband hung the drywall and I mudded, sanded and painted it all.

In the end, it turned out like this:
still have that Heat rug ;)


Two basketball hoops, one on each side.


DIY "Indoor Basketball Court"


Inset basketball court.....Here's how I did the court. 



I had to check a few different stores to find a wall panel that was just flat, no ridges and still looked like wood. 


I was on a budget so hardwood floor wasn't an option and we still wanted carpet in the room because it gets cold in the basement.


I was able to find this "bamboo", thin, wall panel at Menards!  It was under $20!



So I penciled out the miniature court, taped it off and painted it on my dining room table.  


Unfortunately I do not have photos of the installation process.  This was my LAST room to finish in the basement, so I was over it and wanted to be DONE.  :)

I can explain what we did though.  We laid carpet in the entire room.  Like I said before, we still wanted carpet because the basement gets cold in the winter.  An entire room of a wood court floor would be cooler, if you are able to do that!


We put down waterproof padding and wall to wall carpet.

Once we installed that, I put the "court" that I had made on top of the carpet to figure out where I wanted it.  This room isn't very big and I still needed room for the bed, dresser and desk, so I had to put it by the door.  I put the court down on the carpet and traced where I wanted it to be with a sharpie.  

After that, I used a carpet cutter to cut out the rectangle.  I cut through the carpet and the padding, all the way to the concrete because I wanted to court to be inset.  

Once I had that big hole cut out, I laid a waterproof liner (for hardwood) on the concrete and about six inches out, under the remaining carpet.

Then I put the panel on top of that water proof liner.

My husband used the concrete drill to drill holes and put in anchors into the floor so that we could secure the trim which holds the court down.  

The wood trim was the most expensive part of this project.

After my husband secured the court down, I used polyurethane  to seal the court and trim.  I think that I used three coats.  We also put the Terps logo (bought on Ebay) in the center of the court, under the coats of Poly.

In the end, it turned out really cool.  The door swings over the trim.  If you had more space, it would be better to put the court on the other end of the room, but because of our window and closet door we didn't have enough floor space to do it that way.

I think this could be done in any room though if you are willing to cut out a big portion of your carpet.  ;)

My son loves the end result and his friends thinks its super cool that we have a tiny "Indoor basketball court".

If you'd like to know the colors of the room, please click here.

THANKS for reading!

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