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We completely finished our basement ourselves, my husband and I with six kids.  We had to build two new bedrooms in the basement, so we lost the only two windows in the main areas.  One side of the basement was turned into a playroom and since we lost the window, I decided to make it the brightest playroom that I could.  My kids are growing quickly, so I may as well blow it out before they aren't little anymore.

We finished the basement with the sea blue wall color and the bright greenish-yellow.  I also painted a sun in the corner and clouds on the ceiling to try to brighten it up even more.  My toddlers love the final design and I love having all of the toys in the basement instead of my living room, upstairs.

The swing in the center of the room is from Ikea and it is used daily!  The kids love it.  Weight limit is 150lbs and it came with the ceiling anchors that we attached to the studs.  I added some leaves up there to make it look more "outdoorsy".

I will add more pictures soon!  I was just excited to share this first picture and I am so happy that this part of the basement is finished!

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